About Summer Fishtrap

About the Summer Fishtrap Gathering of Writers

Summer Fishtrap is a week-long gathering of writers held at Wallowa Lake, Oregon each July. Aspiring and established writers spend time together in a week of writing workshops, panel discussions, evening readings and even find time to relax, write, hike, and fish. Take a look at Wallowa Lake Camp and Retreat Center, longtime host to our flagship summer event.

What sets Summer Fishtrap apart from other writing conferences is our remote mountain lake setting, a focus on a provocative theme related to living and writing in the west, and on the generation of new writing. Participants come away with new skills, new beginnings, and a renewed sense of their own creative potential. Many people report having the best group writing experience of their lives at Summer Fishtrap.


What people say:

“What an experience to be surrounded by people who had come to think and reflect and write; it made for a high-powered workshop as well as some great dinner table conversations.”

“I am happy to say I came away with some great new, concrete writing skills . . . I find myself choosing words in a wholly new inspired way.”