2015 Fishtrap Fellowship Program

Application period has closed
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Fishtrap is pleased to ounce three Fellowships for the 2015 Summer Fishtrap Gathering held July 6-12 at Wallowa Lake, Oregon.

Fishtrap Fellowships recognize and encourage writers who show promise at an early stage in their career. The primary benefit of this award is an opportunity to attend the 2015 Summer Fishtrap Gathering. In addition, Fellows receive advance workshop registration, a featured reading during a Summer Fishtrap evening program, and their work is distributed to all Fishtrap faculty. Fellows are also highlighted in Fishtrap promotional materials, press releases, and on the Fishtrap website.

A Fishtrap Fellowship covers the cost of the seven-day retreat including a five-day writing workshop in any genre, readings, activities, panel discussions, and open mics. Fishtrap Fellows receive meals and lodging for the week (Monday evening through Sunday noon) and a $150 travel stipend. A Fishtrap Fellowship is valued at more than $1000. But more than that, it is an opportunity for emerging writers to polish their craft in an atmosphere of mentorship and community as they build new friendships and a renewed sense of creative potential.

In return for a Fishtrap Fellowship award, we ask recipients to fully engage in the entire 2015 Summer Fishtrap program, enroll in a writing workshop, give a reading of their work, stay in the provided on-site housing, eat meals at the community-style cafeteria with other participants, and attend readings and panel discussions throughout the week. In addition, we ask that Fellows list their Fishtrap Fellowship award on their CVs and promotional materials, in print, and on the web whenever possible.

Application Process

Applications accepted November 13 to December 15, 2014. Application process closes at 5:00pm pacific time December 15, 2014. Submissions must be provided as TWO (2) PDF documents with the following elements for consideration.

PDF #1 – Cover Letter and Resume
Title document as follows:
Last Name, First, Fellowship Ap (ex: Twain, Mark, Fellowship Ap)

One-Page Cover Letter
Explain why you feel you are a good fit for the Fellowship program and with Fishtrap as a whole. At the top of your letter include your name, contact information, genre for which you are applying (poetry – fiction – nonfiction) and title(s) of your writing sample(s).

One-Page Resume

PDF #2 – Writing Sample
Title document as follows:
Genre, Fellowship Writing Sample (ex: Fiction, Fellowship Writing Sample)

Do not exceed 5 pages of poetry or 1,500 words of prose. Please DO NOT include your name or contact information on this document.

IMPORTANT: Please format your materials as .PDF files. Applications submitted in any other format WILL NOT be considered.

Judging Process and Eligibillity

Fishtrap Fellowships support emerging writers whose work shows promise of excellence. Applicants can be of any age, but must be in the early stages of their careers as writers and will not have had the support needed to achieve major recognition for their work. We define “emerging writer” as someone who has not yet had a book published by either a major or independent publisher and who is also not currently under contract to a publisher for a literary work. Eligible applicants may have had stories or novel excerpts published in magazines, literary journals or online, but this is not a requirement. Selection is based primarily on a writing submission in the genre of poetry, fiction, or nonfiction. In keeping with Fishtrap’s mission, “To promote good writing and clear thinking in and about the West,” applicants should live in the West or write about the West. Your cover letter and resume will help us make that determination. Applications are reviewed by preliminary judges who select 3-5 finalists from each genre. Finalists are then sent to a final judge who selects the 2015 Fishtrap Fellows.

Notification for the 2015 Fellowship awards will arrive by February 20, 2015.


Fishtrap Fellowship History

More than 100 Fellowships have been awarded since 1990, and many Fellows have gone on to important publication and full-time careers as writers and teachers. Previous Fishtrap Fellows include novelists Kathleen Tyau and Robert Stubblefield; poets Charles Goodrich and Marilyn Johnston; short fiction writers Kelly Mager and Geronimo Tagatac; and non-fiction writers Ellen Waterston and Christine Colasurdo.

Past Fellows

1993: William Johnson, Bill Joseph, David Koehn, Laura Lee Newman, Lola Ready

1994: Bette Husted, Brenda Jaeger, Kate Joost, Evelyn Sharenov, Kelly Sievers

1995: Molly Cook, Leigh Hancock, Cathy Jontos-Putnam, Linda Leslie, Colleen Birch Maile

1996: Charles Goodrich, David Halpern, David Reimer, Rachel Hoffman, Leslie Ovard

1997: Toni Kennedy, Pam Steele, Eric Ottem, Ellie Mathews, Lisa Norris

1998: Maurine Barnett, Scott Sadil, Ellen Waterston, Geri Digiorno, Pat Cason

1999: John Sangster, Vicente Guzman-Orozco, Jennifer Kocher, Suze Burns, Eileen Thiel

2000: Mary Tanguay Webb, Burky Achilles, Ann Nelson, Geronimo Tagatac, Kamala Bremer

2001: Kurt Caswell, M.E. Hope, Marily Johnston, Steven Krolak, Ann Selby

2002: Patsy Kullberg, Marj Casswell, Dean Metcalf, Merna Ann Hect, David Drury

2003: Kristen Wares, John Moreland, Doug Miller, Jennifer Glick, Wayne Harrison

2004: Abigail Keller, Coy King, Eden Kruger, Dick Cass, and Joe Wilkins

2005: Kelly Magee, Michael Schiavone, Jeff Stautz; Michael FitzGerald, Deborah Bernhardt

2006: Kristine Anderson, Tom Boswell, Robert Drummond, Eric Shaffer, Gail Wells

2007: Wendy Call, Henrietta Goodman, Natalie Serber

2008: Judith Groudine Finkel, Lorraine Healy, Beverly Akerman, Anna Ross, Jennifer D. Munro

2009: Rebecca Yarrow, Jonathan Harnum, Kelly Luce, Jay Schroder, Ceiridwen Terrill

2010: Christine Colasurdo, Dave Jarecki, Christina Robertson, Rob Williams, William W. Wright.

2011: Drew Myron, Patricia Bailey, Angela Penaredondo, Nicole Cullen, Luke Johnson

2012: Kim Gratz, Irene Skyriver, John Walker

2013: Jose Alcantara, Rachel Khong, Nathan Slinker, Kelly Wallace

2014: Chelsea Jennings, Alex Carr Johnson, Eliot Treichel