Fishtrap Fireside celebrates Women’s History Month with readings from three local writers, Mary Emerick, Kellee Sheehy, and Joyce Reynolds-Ward. An open mic follows where audience members have a chance to get up and share their stories too.

Fishtrap Fireside is a free monthly event for Wallowa County writers to read and share their work. It takes place the second Friday of every month October through April at the Fishtrap House, 400 East Grant Street in Enterprise. The community is encouraged to attend these events, enjoy light refreshments, and hear new work by local writers. The program is sponsored this month by Castle Rock Training and Rehabilitation Services, LLC, Sugar Time Bakery, and Silver Lake Bistro.

Mary Emerick (photo: Talia Jean Galvin)

More about this month’s featured readers:

Mary Emerick is the author of the novel The Geography of Water, published in November 2015 by the University of Alaska Press. It is currently a finalist in the fiction category of the 2017 Oregon Book Awards. Her second book, a memoir called Fire in the Heart, will be published by Skyhorse in late 2017. She has lived in Wallowa County for almost eight years, the longest she has lived anywhere as an adult.

Kellie Sheehy is a compulsive writer with an addiction to ball point pens and blank pages. Her passion for creative expression shows up in her writing, in her work as a yoga, and dance instructor, and almost always in her after dinner, wine-enhanced storytelling. Kellee graduated with honors from The University of the South (Sewanee). After working for an advertising

Kellee Sheehy

agency, directing a communications department, and working as a freelance writer and editor, Kellee is relieved to be able to finally answer the question, “What are you going to do with a degree in English?” She is a mother of two and a mother hen to many. Kellee has volunteered with children in poverty stricken areas and co-founded a personal growth organization for women. Kellee is excited about her recent move to Wallowa County and is looking forward to connecting with new people and contributing to the local community.

Joyce Reynolds-Ward splits her time between Enterprise, Portland, and Clatskanie, Oregon. Besides gardening, riding her horse around Alder Slope, aspiring to make art jewelry, and quilting, she teaches PE and Health online and aspires to write wild speculations from the wide open spaces. Her recent book,

Joyce Reynolds-Ward

Netwalking Space, is the standalone conclusion to her Netwalk Sequence series. Joyce has been published recently in Allegory, Artifact, and has a story coming out in the forthcoming anthology Steam and Dragons from Knotted Road Press.

At some point she hopes to take a vacation but isn’t sure when that will happen.

Fishtrap Fireside starts at 7pm sharp at the Fishtrap House. The early bird gets the closest seat by the fire… Treats provided by Sugar Time Bakery and Silver Lake Bistro.