Fishtrap volunteers keep us afloat–helping with everything from raking leaves to organizing galas. We are always grateful for their help! Are you interested in volunteering? We’d love to have you join us.

To get involved call us at Fishtrap (541-426-3623), or speak to one of our local board members: Rose Caslar, Pat Wade, Kathy Hunter, Elizabeth Oliver, Aaron Maxwell, Tom Hampson, Jennifer Hobbs, Zanni Schauffler, and Elizabeth Enslin.

If you live in Wallowa County and would like to be on our community committee e-mail list so that you can get emails when help is needed,  please e-mail Eric at eric@fishtrap.org

If you live outside Wallowa County, and would like to host a house party or help get the word out about Fishtrap, email Mike at mike@fishtrap.org.

Thank you!

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