Rustic Thought

Growing roots and branches for an “essay of place,” this workshop invites you to compose in two directions: first, scribbling poems to root ideas, and then drafting essays that give the poetic urge a place to flourish. We will pose a question and tell a story…write an idea, a scene, and lots of sensuous detail…chronicle small mercies…gather lost treasures…write five poems as stepping stones to be embedded in a lyric essay. For poets, essay-writers, and literary citizens of witness.

Kim Stafford

Kim Stafford is the founding director of the Northwest Writing Institute, and co-founder of Fishtrap. He is the author of a dozen books of poetry and prose, including Having Everything Right: Essays of Place and How to Sleep Cold: Poems and Prompts from the Outpost He has taught writing in schools, colleges, meadows, forests, and in Assisi, Glasgow, and a remote village in Bhutan.

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