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Fishtrap’s Radio Storytelling

Fishtrap’s Radio Storytelling program is a perfect example of a volunteer-driven program. Wallowa County resident and former Alaskan Kathy Hunter belongs to that creative and expressive tribe of lore-bearers known as storytellers. And she is not jealous of her craft – she can be seen smiling from ear to ear as she enjoys another storyteller’s performance.

Fishtrap’s radio show was started in the year 2000 as a bedtime program for kids. Soon surveys revealed– not only that kids hate the word “bedtime” but that as many adults were listening as children. Ever since, Kathy has met the needs of both the young and the young-at-heart in reach of radio station KWVR 92.1 FM. Fishtrap Storytime offers a diverse banquet of tales from her own recordings, nationally recognized tellers, and recruited community members.

You can listen in on Sunday evenings at 7 pm from November through March, at KWVR 92.1 FM or 1340 AM. Listen LIVE ONLINE!

Fishtrap Storytime for April 2013
7:00 Sunday night, KWVR-FM, 92.1

April 7  Bill Harley   Booklist reports “Singer, storyteller, and author Bill Harley’s hallmark is his ability to transform the tiniest childhood traumas into full-length comedy routines.”  On this show he tells Aunt Edith Meets Tricky, and The Great Sled Race. The Aunt Edith story was inspired by his son’s hamsters.  Harley says, “My brother’s hamster really got into my dad’s bed.”  The Sled Race , based on Harley’s memories of a mammoth hill near him, is written in the form of “talking blues”.

April 14  Cameron Scott’s Students  Students of Writer-in Residence Cameron Scott were recorded live at Fishtrap.  You’ll hear Pablo Arenas, Natalie Reinner, Patrick Powers, Jane Kissinger, Alex Wight, Heidi Muller, Georgia F., Sarah Bear, Lucy Kissinger, Sara Miller, and from Wallowa, Ashlyn Young, Owen Mallory, and Willie Gibbs.

These are the last shows of the season. If you would like to sponsor Fishtrap Storytime when it returns in November, contact me at 541-569-2024.
Keep Listening, and Live Happily Ever After!

Fishtrap Storytime was brought to you this season by these wonderful sponsors: Les Schwab, Lear’s, Woody and Meagan Wolfe, Advanced
Plumbing Technologies, Kevin’s Tires, Wallowa County Ace Hardware, The Bookloft, Mr. Sun, Wallowa Valley Dental Care, Friends of
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Kathy Hunter