Werner Writing Residency


Gary Ferguson walk

In 2009, Fishtrap established the Werner Writing Residency, a program designed to encourage writing about the wild landscapes of Wallowa County, by offering a fully-funded residency to an established nature writer. Past residents have been Charles Goodrich, Robert Michael Pyle, Ellen Waterston, and Gary Ferguson. The residency is underwritten by Ann Werner, a former wilderness ranger in the Wallowa country.

With the Werner Writing Residency, Fishtrap and Ann Werner aim to bring the wild beauty of Wallowa County to an audience who might never experience it for themselves. This is something that attracted our most recent writing resident, Gary Ferguson, to the residency. He says: “I was thinking of this comment from Lawrence Durrel, he made the claim that Americans are children of the landscape. I worry sometimes that we have lost touch with that notion, but it doesn’t mean that we aren’t full of that power; just knowing that landscapes like this exist is enough, in my mind. It provides a bridge to those who might never set foot in these lands and engenders a consciousness of freedom.”

The Werner Writing Residency ran from 2009-2012. It is currently on hiatus.