Enterprise 5th graders – Lorri Fischer’s class

Posted on Apr 2, 2014

The Enterprise 5th graders worked on dream stories and stories told from the point of view of their favorite animals.


Rodeo Ride

Bria Micka

“Neigh, Neigh” went the horses at the Rodeo. I was riding a handsome palomino horse named Yeller. We’re going up on barrels. It was so loud with all the people talking, cows mooing, horses neighing, and the ouncer telling people who’s next. It was my turn for barrel racing. My horse went running around the first barrel then the next. We were heading to the third barrel when Yeller started flying in mid air. We got to see all the stars in the sky. They were white as diamonds like Yeller’s mane. I felt free and very happy. It was a warm evening in the summer breeze. Then slowly we went back to the rodeo grounds. Everyone was amazed. Some were in shock in the stands. Then I woke up. I looked out of my window and my horse must of got out of her pasture because she was right at my window.




Melody Van Doozer


Hi, my animal is a horse. My name is Spot because I’m covered with Spots. I am wild. I can live in the wild. I can live in a pasture when I am caught. I can live in a barn in a stall. The sounds I make are neigh when I want to, a grunting sound when I’m killer mad and when I’m running I make a sound like this clik clak over and over and finally when it’s time to eat I munch munch munch! I had a good life. My sport was running. The kind of horse I am is a paint.


The Aliens

Amber Lund


It was cold and dark. My brother and I decided to go see my dad tonight. So we hopped on our bikes and went to a hotel. He was staying on the 5th floor of the building. By the tie we reached the 5th floor we were tired of climbing all of those steps. But now we were here, so we knocked on his door and said “hi” but then we noticed it was almost 10:30 pm so we ran down the stairs, went outside, and got on our bikes. We were in such a hurry because we were supposed to be home at 9:00 pm. When we reached our driveway we noticed that there were lights in our neighbor’s yard. They were spinning and spinning, but then we saw a spaceship landing there. Once some red alien, with brown horns, and wearing green ripped shirts came out of the noisy spaceship I woke up.



Kelor the Penguin

Claire Farwell


“Swoosh, Swoosh, Swoosh…” went my best friend Kooki when he was sliding down my family’s slope. I was waddling up our slope to perform my amazing, awesome, wonderful trick called the twistslidaloo. Oh yah, I forgot to mention my name Kelor Kio Kikilay. My dad was born in the Arctic, and my mom was born in Hawaii! Now I live in the Arctic. I have a sister who’s name is Keelee Kalama Kikilay. She sometimes is oying but she is just like me, she is nice, friendly, full of energy, and super playful! She also loves fish and swimming just like me.



Fox Life

Grace Collins


Hi I am Kiara and I am going to tell you what it is like in the country as a fox. All my fox friends and I go to my part of the country and we party all night long. Then we sing what does the fox say ring ding ding ding ding ding ring ring. Well you know the rest.

I live in a cave and I sleep with my friends most of the time. My parents left when I was little so I could go on my own. My and my friends go hunting on Mr. Pickles yard for chickens everyday and eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Thanks for letting me tell you about my life.



Annabelle’s Dream

Annabelle Russell


I was walking on a dark grey bridge. It looked old. There was no light and I didn’t know where I was. I heard a bang and looked up. My mom was walking toward me. The closer she got the darker her clothes got. She was wearing a white wedding dress that was now black. I looked down to see that neither of us were wearing shoes. I was scared but confused at the same time. I felt the bridge fall and crack under my feet. I dropped, falling into the river screaming. My mom’s wedding dress was now soaked.

And then I woke up.

I have had this dream since I was 6 years old. I used to be scared of this dream. The bridge felt rough and cold and I could feel it crack from under my feet. My mom’s wedding dress spread from the middle and kept going. My mom’s house was on one side and my old house was on the other side.



Plants vs Zombies



One day in my dream I see black and white then all I see is a row of grass unrolling in my dream Then I see something green on the grass then there it was. It looked like a pea and then I hear the word Brains. Then I see a couple zombies coming. It was an ambush of zombies only 3 zombies and I had only 1 peashooter. So then I see a bar on top so I put down another peashooter then a lot of zombies came and then they got past the mowers and then I woke up.




Klarisa Miller


My name is Billy Bob. It’s kinda quite but more loud here in the jungle. I live in a tree quite close to the sea. Blue skies in the day and black at night pink skies at noon man I miss the full moon. I rhyme a lot, too. But on my lucky night I laugh a lot, too. Enough rhyming. It’s beautiful at night and funny in the day. My neighbors are Bob and Joey. Bob is a koala and Joe is a snow leopard. My lucky night is when the full moon comes out I want to laugh.




Kasey Duncan


            I am a calico kitten named Pokey. I am totally not trying to brag, but I am really sweet. I am a friend to everyone, and live in Kasey’s garage. I was found on the road so my mom’s long gone. So that means I don’t have to ask to do anything. I just go wherever, whenever I want. Kasey picks me up a lot and I purrrrr because I’m happy. I don’t have to clean up any dishes, not one. Kasey feeds me every night. I so spoiled. When I go outside I climb trees and play with my kitty friend Pipin. That’s all there is to it.




Gaven Winn


This is a story from my dream

There is a pie in the window and it is a pecan pie and I loved pecan pies and my mom let me taste it and I hated it because it tasted like something gross and then I had asked her to make a different type of pie and she did and it was a huckleberry pie. Yum. And it was really good and my mom and dad had left for Pendleton and had took the 2 one with her and had ate the pie in Pendleton and then I made a different pie and it was a rhubarb pie and there it was looking really good and then I had ate the whole pie then Thursday they got home and had brought some gummy bears and wanted it in her rhubarb pie and there wasn’t any rhubarb left. So she got really mad at me because there wasn’t any rhubarb left in the fridge and then she went to go pick some and it had been rumpled down by our neighbor’s deer and her name is Jane so my mom went down to the neighbors’ house and had told them they should keep control of their deer Jane.



Run Quick



“Hurry Hurry Hurry” I was yelling at Amber. She was dressed in a green-blue Jolly Rancher. It was Halloween, time fell by going to house to house. One house was big and darker then the midnight sky. There was a old light, and right under it was slenderman. He licked his lips and Amber looked down to see a strawberry flavor girl dressed as bubble gum and grabbed me and ran straight towards her house. Then there he was again slenderman under her porch light. All I could hear was evil laughing and weird sounds like scary clowns. He flew to Amber and shocked the life out of her. I was happy to get away from her, but sad. Then my brother superman came and crashed into a chimney. Slenderman gave Amber’s life back to her body and came towards me, so I closed my eyes and waited for him. Then he fell dead out of the blue. Amber and me walked into Amber’s room and thought how we were going to tell Amber’s mom about dead slenderman in the yard. Then I karate chopped my cat and then woke up.



My Dream

Chaya Anne Garland


In my dream I was an angel. It was towards the end of the day and my class and I were going to lunch in school. Everyone said I could go in front of everyone. As I got to the top, the line leader yelled and said I couldn’t go in front of him. My teacher, Mrs. Voss, said for him to stop yelling. She was Tinker Bell. As that was happening, Mrs. Knifong ran out the school doors and started randomly jumping on everyone’s heads. Mr. Keffer ran out as well and started randomly jumping on everyone’s heads. I heard a lot of jumping and more jumping. Then, the cement turned into mud, and everyone started having a mud fight! Now, the whole world was in the mud. Suddenly, everyone started laughing and went home. I had this dream when I was in the first grade, and this as you can tell was a silly dream!



Peacock Ranch

Morgan Jenkins


My name is Ramona the Miniature Peacock, and I’ll tell you about life on the farm.

I see trees, people, other peacocks, mountains, tractors, nests, streams, grass, and oh boy, could I go on for millions of years until the next ice age.

Some peacocks are beautiful, some look worse than a flying tiger about to jump into water. Some are quiet and graceful, but some are just ANNOYING! But me, I’m a mini peacock. I’m awesome.

So, a few days ago, I woke up and noticed it was really light out. I was thinking oh boy, I’m late for feeding time! RUN! I ran, and ran, and ran until I was panting, more hungry than before. RUN!

Mama was waiting for me, her wings crossed, her eyes big. “Oh, you dirty little girl. Get over here and eat your breakfast.” She shuffled over to the nest with three eggs in it, sat down, and went to bed. Goodnight, I thought.


The 5th graders even thanked me with a Valentine!

The 5th graders even thanked me with a Valentine!

The 5th graders even thanked me with a Valentine!