Wallowa and Enterprise – Ms. Knifong & Ms. Layton’s 6th graders

Posted on Feb 15, 2014

The 6th graders in Wallowa and Enterprise practiced writing from a perspective other than their own. Here’s one of their poems, voiced by an alien who visits Earth for the first time:


by Ally Elson

I went down to this blue and green, rocky, different elevated, planet that looked very interesting. I am Alejandra from Pinkville. I went down upon this peaceful planet and landed. There were people they had hair, legs, arms, faces, they almost look like us buy we always wear pink.

These beings cooked delicious food, and, was good for you. We had the same language. I had a plate of this so called food named toast. Toast is delicious. Their colors were vibrant, but not as peaceful as I thought it would be. Every now and then you would see a metal box on wheels with a siren to alarm that something was hurt.

I thought to myself, “I think I should be leaving this wonderful planet.” So I where I had left my shuttle and went back to Pinkville from this peaceful planet. I needed to tell the others.




To get in a curiosity-following, poetry-writing mindset, the 6th graders began with group question and answer poems:



Wallowa – Ms. Layton’s class:

Will I sprout wings and fly around?

You will on your 16th birthday.

Will pigs fly?

No way! We all know they can’t!

What can’t? Why?

What can’t dance to music with Darth Vader?

What about a rabbit?

I wonder why gummy bears are chewy.

They are red.

Is it tomato red or ruby red?

Ruby red.

What’s ruby red—a truck?

A type of duck!

Did a type of duck get eaten last Tuesday?

Yes, because I ate it.

What did I eat?

Will I ever own a tricycle?

Yes. It will be rainbow tie-dyed.

What does rainbow tie-dye mean?

It’s colorful.

What do you like that way?

I like ice cream that way!

Will I see a watermelon whale when I go to the coast?

A watermelon whale will eat you.

Why will it eat you?

It will eat you because it is mean.

Will I be an Alaska State Trooper when I grow up?


Are we humans?

No. Apes.

Why do some animals have big, round eyes?

So they can see far.

Why would they want to do that?

They want to have fun.

Why would people be board?

Because Jumpy Long Stockings is board.

I wonder if anyone in history has gotten a sword in the sheath on the first try.

No, because they are blind.

Am I going to join the air force?

No, you’re going to be a cop.

Why am I going to be a cop?

Because I’m awesome!

Are you awesome because you can do a backflip?

Yes. Wow. Lol.

Am I going to be an optometrist like I want to be?

Yes, maybe?

Will it rain jellybeans tomorrow and if so what kind?

Maybe. Maybe you’re sick because you eat too many jellybeans.

Why did you eat a lot of candy?

I wonder if I am going to marry Captain America or Ironman.

I said yes because I laughed.

Why? Why does snow always melt?

Snow melts because rain is magical!

Why is rain magical?

Because there is a magical leprechaun that lives in the clouds.

Why do they live in clouds?

They live in clouds because they are wet.

Who will live in clouds?

The president.




Enterprise – Ms. Knifong’s class (8:30 am):


How many atoms and volts are in a computer?

35 hundred amps.

How come this world is so violent?

Because someone doesn’t know the color of the sled.

Why is a white board called a white board?

Because it’s white!

Why do we have gum?

Why do we have pants?

Why is the sun red, orange, and yellow?

Why is our teacher so nice?

Are erasers awesome?

Yes, because you can write with them.

How big is my brain?

It depends on how old you are, but it is probably smooth as a baby’s butt.

What are you thinking?

I can scream really LOUD!

Let the pigs do that!

What do pigs like to eat?

Everything! Because they are fat and lazy.

How many pores do you have?

Why does it snow?

Because something in the atmosphere is causing rain to turn to ice.

Also, because God wants it to snow!

Because condensation rises in the clouds and it is below freezing and gets cold, then falls.

Who invented the guitar?

A person who is learned in music and in sound.

An artist who does music.

What will be my future?

Toxic farms and plotting cars.

How smart is a jellyfish?

It is not very smart.

Why do they call the color blue “blue”?

Probably it may be the sky color.

How do they make white board markers?

Put ink and wadded paper towels…

Who invented the flying machine?

Tow men, their names Wilber and Orville Wright.

What is the sky like in New York?

Sunny? Snowy? Rainy? Or anything else.

Maybe rainy or anything else.

Somebody might have had a bad day?

How do they make basket balls?

Out of leather!

How did they come up with trees?

God made them.

How do you know?

Why is my cat so grouchy?

Does it get enough food and water all day?

Why do you think snails are slow?

It may be an old lady or a man.

And their muscles are weak!

How many organs do worms have/

1, 084.

Why do we have to learn to get an education and get a job?

For reasons, reasons quite unknown.

How will people live without power?

Like the pioneers.

Why are birds’ noses orange?

From their parents genes and traits.

Where will they be?

They will be at the school.

How many stars are in the sky?

The number is infinite because they die and another one is formed.

What do animals really think?

Whatever people think.

What happened to dinos?

They died. Will we have a big snow day?

Why did Beethoven write music?

He wrote scores and music notes to find himself deep inside

and learn to love that place

and hope for his heart to be opened.

How cold is the space far, far away?

Ice cold. So very cold.

Do not go to space or you will freeze.

Why did the willow wave?

When did the song bird sing?

How did the stone tumble into the streambed deep?

The answer is far away.

It is always beyond the next hill or one step more.

What is your belly’s name?

His name is gagnacittilly.

But I call him slob.

Why do we not have Valentines at home?

When it is a school day we should be able to.

When does the sunrise in Enterprise, OR?

5:30 AM.

How do you bring a donkey inside your classroom?

You put it in a trailer and bring it inside when the teacher isn’t looking.

What does my cat’s brain look like?

Ugly and green.

Would you go to the moon?

I would ask my unicorn to take me for a ride.