College Credit Classes Available Fall 2015

Oregon State University Writing 121 – English Composition

Course Description: Writing 121 is designed as an introduction to college composition. You will be encouraged to develop an individualized process which should serve you well in future academic or professional writing endeavors. This is a required class at OSU and most colleges and universities.

jessejohnsonCollege Credit: WR 121 is a 3 credit course. Students who successfully complete the class with a minimum grade of C- will receive OSU college credit and an OSU transcript.

Instructor: OSU Instructor Jesse Johnson earned his BA in English from Belmont University and is an MFA Candidate in Creative Nonfiction at Oregon State University. Jesse will live in the county for the 2015/2016 school year and will be available to offer guidance and support in between classes.

Date, Time, Place: Fishtrap College classes will be held at the Fishtrap House (400 E Grant Street in Enterprise), on Friday mornings from 8:30 -11:30 AM. WR 121 will begin Sept 18, 2015 and end Dec 10th (no class on days when the schools have Friday classes).

Cost:  Fishtrap College costs $350/student.  Your high school might cover all or part of the cost – check with your high school principal. Students will also need to budget for buying a text book (about $20).

Application & Enrollment Process: Students and adults are eligible to take the class. To apply fill out the application form below.

Application Deadline: Applications are due on or before Sept 15, 2015. The class size is limited to 12 students.

Readiness: If you are doing well in your high school English class, you should be prepared to take this course. If you have questions about the course requirements, contact


What the 2013/2014 Fishtrap College students say about Fishtrap College:

“I absolutely loved the environment of our class!”

“I am very pleased with my Writing 121 experience. My instructor was extremely helpful. She was sympathetic to our needs, but also pushed us to work hard even when it was difficult.  I would love to take a class under her again, in fact, I am currently planning to take her Poetry 199 class in the spring!”

” At first I was scared and thought I wouldn’t do well, but now I feel I have developed well as a writer. I hoped to learn the quality I had to have to write at the college level and feel I have found it.”

“Our instructor was very flexible with us. She helped us continue our work during “writing blocks” without giving us “answers”; she pushed us to do the thinking ourselves. This was difficult for me at first—but I am thankful for it!”

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