Fishtrap Fireside


Fishtrap Fireside

A Monthly Event for Wallowa County Writers to Read and Share their Work

Fishtrap Fireside takes place the second Friday of every month October through April from 7:00pm to 9:00pm at the Fishtrap House, 400 East Grant Street in Enterprise. The community is encouraged to attend these events, find a seat by the fire, and hear new work by local writers.

The 4th  season of Fireside kicks off Friday, October 14!

Featured Readers

Elizabeth Enslin
Fred Hauptmann
David Weaver

October’s Fireside is brought to you by The Bookloft and Sugar Time Bakery.

Past Fishtrap Fireside Presenters:


Pat Adlehardt

Abbie Amabisca

Kristy Athens

Susan Badger-Jones

Ester Bentz

Kristen Blanton

Rick Bombaci

Brenda Buchanan

Emma Carlson

Benjamin Curry

Lynne  Curry

Mary Ellen Emerick

Elizabeth Enslin

Jean Falbo

Eric Greenwell

Alyssa Halton

Kathy Hunter

Jesse  Johnson

Keith Kirts

Caiti Leo

Catherine Matthias

Sara Miller

James Nash

Maya Polan

Ann Powers

Cathy Putnam

Barry Qualle

Joyce Reynolds-Ward

Jon Rombach

Jon Ross

Pamela Royes

Zanni  Schauffler

Cameron  Scott

Ralph Swinehart

Eileen Thiel

Janie Tippett

Andrew Wallace

Rich Wandschneider

Amy Zahm