Joseph – Ms. Hite’s 5th graders

Posted on Apr 17, 2014

Ms. Hite’s 5th graders got to work on poems and stories all week–April 14th – 17th. Here’s just a sampling of what they came up with:



        Laramie Hess

The cat is like godzilla.

Godzilla is like a bear.

The bear is as big as a house.

The house was as rugged as an old worn pair of farmers boots.

Boots are as dirty as pigs.

Pig are dirty slobs that roll in the   


Mud is as squishy as silly puddy.

Silly puddy is fun to squish like


Jello is yummy like pudding.

Pudding is as smooth as silk.

Silk is like a pajama outfit.


Josey Wearin

April 17, 2014

A Weird Kind of Animal


I parked in the sky and got out of my car.

I look down on this piece of land and i don’t

    understand what I see these tall things.

They have long necks and big ears.

What are these weird animals?

Are these strange creatures even animals?

They have hair hanging down from their necks.

Some of them have a stripe down their face.

All these weird creatures are all different colors.

I was so scared.

I get in my space mobile and leave the creatures alone.



Cash Mcquown


My room

My room my room

I’ve got a broom a

bed for my head a

pillow like a marshmallow.

A box for my socks

shoes in other rooms. I’ve

got jeans in my drawers

and places for my awards

I’ve got two tv’s for my bro

and me an xbox 360 and

a wii. My room.



Flynn Nave


The Black Hole

One minute i was flying to my home star. When all the sudden my home star disappeared.Then i started getting pulled toward  my star that was no longer there. Then in 1 light minute i was knocked out and the when i woke up i was surrounded by a bunch of 2 eyed creatures. One was holding a blaster another was holding a pair of locking rings. After they put the locking rings on me they put me in their speeder and took to a place with boxes and metal bars. When they stopped there was another creature in an orange suit waiting.


The Demon Inside

Sabrina Albee

    It was evening, Satori was playing tag with Malcolm. As soon as I woke up in my dream, Satori was chasing Malcolm down the stairs. I hear scary laughs and grunts. I noticed that my brother had beet red eyes with smoggy black surrounding them. He was skipping steps and the next thing I knew, he shut the door behind him and it was just us. He made a weird smile and scream. I feel scared or my brother and I. My parents don’t know and now i have a gulp in my throat. I woke up fo real, I screamed and Malcolm was crying. Only because he cries in his sleep. I was only 6 when it happened and Malcolm was 1 learning how to walk. I think it happened because that night i didn’t have my dream catcher. I still think about it but always wash it out.


Ellyse Tingelstad

April 17, 2014

Alien at the Pool

I landed on earth and fell into a long

skinny bowl of clear juice.

This thing looks like a long level.

The clear juice just keeps getting getting

higher and higher the more I walk down

the ramp. I hear something like a wolf

howling and then these little pieces of a

puzzle start moving from one end of the

bowl to the other.  The puzzle pieces

touch one end of the bowl and stop.

Then these little lantern show up on a

board and represent fifty-six seconds.

have four limbs and two round circles

on their face.  At one end of the long

skinny bowl is something that looks

like a wide piece of plywood and

medal bars.  I’m very happy in this



Yellow Sour Baners

Nancy Thiel

April 17th, 2014

The choir’s humming sounded like bees.

Bees are as yellow as baners.

Baners are squishy monkey food.

I have a monkey, he lives in a shoe.

The monkey’s shoe is the shape of a ship.

Ships are like gigantic ducks floating in the sea.

The sea is as clear as a glass door.

A glass door is like a short river.

Glass doors are portals into new worlds with lemons.

Lemons are as sour as a Sour Patch Kid.

Lemons are like lanterns.

The lantern is like a star.

Stars are as bright as full moons.



Gabriel K. Hawkins Mitchell

Light Years from Home


Parking my ship in the sky,

launching an external eye,

looking closer to the ground,

seeing beings all around,

knowing I am far from home.

Engaging my engines,

awakening my senses,

setting my course for my sun.


Random Things

Sierra Griffith

My pen is purple as a plum.

A plum is as colorful as my shoes.

My shoes are as soft as clouds.

Clouds are as big as cats.

Cats are as fuzzy as a pillow.

Pillows are little farm clouds.

Pillows are clouds.

Umpa Loompas are as blue as the ocean.

The ocean is as rowdy as Chewbacca.

Chewbacca is like a boss.

The boss was as fancy as a limo.

Limos are long as a giraffe’s neck.

Giraffe’s necks are like big tall mail boxes.

Mail boxes are like a big box on a stick.

A stick is a long sword.

A sword is as sharp as a dog’s teeth.






Jacob Gross

Peppermint peppermint red and blue. Peppermint peppermint I see you. Peppermint peppermint I love you. Peppermint peppermint this is you.





It looks like me but with no wrinkles. It has 2 arms but I have 6. I live on Mars. It lives on green and blue while I live on orange and red. They eat different while we eat bugs. We have 4 eyes while it has 2. We have 8 legs. They have 2. I think Mason should be king because everyone else doesn’t look cool.












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