Joseph – Ms. Blankenship’s 1st graders

Posted on Apr 30, 2014

mystery bagThe first day I spent with the Joseph 1st graders, we used our noses to get started on our writing. We smelled some nice smells coming from inside brown paper bags, and we didn’t peek inside until we’d written these smells down. There were two different types of bags, and these are the poems we came up with together for each:








Smell the Bag


It reminds me of cookies.

It reminds me of mint.

It reminds me of the winter Subway cookies.

It reminds me of peppermint chocolate.

It reminds me of candy.

It reminds me of cinnamon.

It smells spicy.



The Mystery Bag


It smells like mint.

It smells like spring.

It reminds me of ice cream and chocolate.

It is like paper rolls.

It smells like apple pie

and catnip and peppermint.




(The mystery smells were cinnamon sticks and dried peppermint. Somehow, they both reminded the kids of mint.)



The second day I spent with the 1st graders, we worked on comparisons. Everyone wrote his or her own poem and got to take it home that day. Here’s the poem we wrote together to get us started:


An orange is big like a ball.

A cheese-stick is shaped like a crayon.

A rainbow is pretty like Alayna’s shirt.

A cheese-stick is like a white marker.