Write for Change, Live Upstream

This workshop is designed to focus on change on several levels: 1) writing for change—for if art has a purpose, perhaps it is to awaken us to be fully present, to pay attention, and to offer hope and resistance; 2) change within writing—for our characters and our ideas can’t ever be static within a piece; and 3) embracing change in our writing habits and genres—for experimenting with new formats and styles is always a good way to stay out of any ruts. Underlying all this is considering “living upstream”—a figurative and literal mindfulness about our gift to future generations, both in terms of place and ideas. In this workshop, which is appropriate for all genres, we’ll be generating and honing ideas to take our words in new and unexpected directions, and in doing so, move readers more deeply, and thereby sending our culture and world into new and unexpected directions.

Laura Pritchett

Laura Pritchett is the author of nine books. She began her writing journey with the short story collection Hell’s Bottom, Colorado, which won the PEN USA Award for Fiction and the Milkweed National Fiction Prize. This was followed by the novels Sky Bridge, Stars Go Blue, Red Lightning, and The Blue Hour, which also garnered several literary awards. She’s the editor of three anthologies and has two nonfiction books: Great Colorado Bear Stories and Making Friends with Death: A Guide to Your Impending Last Breath. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, Salon, High Country News, Orion, The Millions, Publisher’s Weekly, The Sun, and many others. She holds a PhD from Purdue University and teaches around the country. She is also known for her environmental stewardship, particularly in regard to land preservation and river health.

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