Mic drop in a bucket or How to be heard in sea of voices

Explore the world through the mediums of Hiphop and spoken word as we better learn how to be heard in a sea of voices.  The spoken word has always been a powerful tool to convey our thoughts and ideas. Long before the written word, it was the spoken word that carried our messages; convictions and questions. In todays world we are connected in a variety of ways through our tech, environment, beliefs, fears, compassion, action, apathy, etc. Imagine you had the power to convey your message to a  listening ear. What would you say, ask, or demand? Would your message be a call to action, a call to question, a letter to the editor, a note to a family member? What needs to be said? Who needs to be heard?

MOsley WOtta

Chicago born, Oregon based artist  MOsley WOtta (MOWO) is a touring performer, poet, painter, and educator. His works have been featured internationally including: Australia, FIJI and the UAE. MOWO is currently working on a multimedia collaboration with Hiphop/electronic producer + film score composer; Collothen.

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