Looking Back: 2009 & Earlier

Summer Fishtrap Gathering Themes

1988 Western Writers, Eastern Publishing
1989 Sense of Place, Landscape as Character
1990 Patterns
1991 Writing and History
1992 Language, Politics, and Place
1993 Imagining a Future: Community in the New West
1994 The Restless West: World War II and After
1995 Orphaned in Eden: The Search for Family in the West
1996 Eros and Nature
1997 Circling Back
1998 Work
1999 Borders
2000 West of Where
2001 The Legacy of Vietnam
2002 Writing in Troubled Times
2003 Longing and Belonging in the West
2004 Discovery
2005 Roots
2006 Becoming Native to Place
2007 The River Still Flows
2008 Speaking Truth
2009 Usual and Accustomed Places
2010 Matter and Spirit
2011 Migrations & Passages
2012 Catch & Release: What we hold on to, what we let go, and the one that got away
2013 Breaking Trail: Off the Beaten Path
2014 What the River Says
2015 Hidden from History: Stories We Haven’t Heard, Stories We Haven’t Told
2016 Frontiers and Fences