Sally Bowerman & Bob Hall Scholarship

SBS--photo of Sally Bowerman--cropped & cleanedThe Sally Bowerman / Bob Hall Memorial Scholarship

for Working Women

Applications accepted January 8 – February 8, 2016

After Sally Bowerman’s death in 2004, family members and people in her longstanding writing group, “The Write Women,” decided to raise money to give a Fishtrap scholarship to someone like Sally, a “working woman.”

The scholarship helps cover the cost of a week‑long Summer Fishtrap writing workshop, and occasionally as funds permit, some room and board for the week.

In July of 2010, Sally’s nephew, Bob Hall, died while doing one of the many things he loved, sailing with close friends. Bob was a frequent Summer Fishtrap participant in recent years and his family requested that Bob’s name be added to his Aunt Sally’s memorial scholarship to honor his shared love of Fishtrap’s mission.


Summer Fishtrap Scholarship applications are accepted from January 8 through February 8 at 5 PM (PST). Late applications will be considered if funding allows. Applicants will be notified of decision on or before February 25, 2016.

How to apply:

CLICK HERE to apply beginning January 8, 2016

Send us a letter not to exceed 800 words. Provide your contact information at the top of page including your name, address, and birth date. Describe yourself. Let us know the relevance of attending Summer Fishtrap to your life, writing, interests, and explain your financial need. IMPORTANT: Submissions must be submitted online as one PDF document. 


Scholarship winners are chosen by members of The Write Women. Family members and the Fishtrap Board would like to continue this tradition. Sometimes the scholarship may be split two ways. All applicants will be notified regardless of outcome.

About Sally BowermanSBS--photo of hay wagon--cropped & downsized

Sally Bowerman was a working woman who developed her love of writing late in life. She moved to Wallowa County shortly after World War II with her husband to run a ranch and raise three girls. After 20-plus years of milking cows, herding livestock, driving tractors and trucks, the family decided to move to the Southwest during the winter months. Sally seized the opportunity to enroll in nursing school.
Her marriage ended and she moved back to Wallowa County in search of a new career. That took a while to develop, and in the interim Sally sorted potatoes and performed other low paid labor to make ends meet. When an opportunity opened she began driving 150 miles a day to work at the Grande Ronde Hospital in La Grande. Finally she landed a job at the local hospital and entered a new life with a secure position, a life that gave her the opportunity in her 60s to travel and, more importantly, to work on her true passion—writing.

Sally joined a writing group and became an enthusiastic participant in Fishtrap activities. Writing became her joy when she had time from her work, community activities, and family. She published numerous essays, poems and stories in Fishtrap publications. Unfortunately she died in an automobile accident before she could finish her most challenging and fun literary project, a mystery novel.

The Future:

As the scholarship fund grows, more scholarships or an endowment for the Sally Bowerman scholarship are both possible. These decisions will be made by Fishtrap staff and board, the Write People, and members of Sally’s family. If you would like to ensure the scholarship’s continuing success, please make a donation to Fishtrap in Sally’s name.