Fellowship Application

Judging Process and Eligibility

Fishtrap Fellowships support emerging writers whose work shows promise of excellence. Applicants can be of any age, but must be in the early stages of their writing careers and will not have had the support needed to achieve major recognition for their work. We define “emerging writer” as someone who has not yet published a book by a literary publisher, and who is also not currently under contract to a publisher for a book. Eligible applicants may have been published in magazines, and in print or online literary journals, but this is not a requirement.

We accept submissions in the genres of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction/memoir. In keeping with Fishtrap’s mission, “To promote good writing and clear thinking in and about the West,” applicants should live in the West or write about the West. Your cover letter and résumé will help us make that determination.

Applications are screened for completeness and eligibility, and then are reviewed by preliminary judges who select 3-5 finalists from each genre. Finalists are then forwarded to the final judge who selects the 2017 Fishtrap Fellows.

Notifications for the 2017 Fellowship awards will arrive by January 30, 2017.

There is a $25 application fee.


In return for a Fishtrap Fellowship award, we ask recipients to fully engage in the entire 2017 Summer Fishtrap program, enroll in a writing workshop, give a reading of their work, stay in the provided on-site housing, eat meals at the community-style cafeteria with other participants, and attend readings and panel discussions throughout the week.

In addition, we ask that Fellows list their Fishtrap Fellowship award on their CVs and promotional materials, in print, and on the web whenever possible.

2017 Fishtrap Fellowship Application

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