2018 Summer Fishtrap Scholarship Application

Scholarship Applicant

This information is necessary for us to determine which scholarships you may be eligible for.

Application Documents
All submissions should be delivered as a single PDF document with the following elements for consideration. 

One-Page Cover Letter

At the top of your letter be sure to include the following: your name, contact information, and the title(s) of your writing sample(s). The primary goal of the cover letter is to demonstrate why you are a good fit for a Fishtrap Scholarship. Include a brief description of your history with creative writing and most importantly, discuss how a Fishtrap Scholarship can provide you with an opportunity you wouldn’t otherwise financially be able to take advantage of.

Writing Sample

The most successful writing samples are ones that generally give the Scholarship Committee a good sense of your writing style, subject matter, and dedication to the craft. Samples should be 500 words or less in poetry, nonfiction, or fiction (hybrids are welcome).

Please title your PDF file as follows:Last Name_First Name_Scholarship App (ex: Díaz_Junot_Scholarship App)

Scholarship Funds
Based on the information you have entered, your application will be considered for the following scholarships:

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