Wallowa – Ms. McLain’s 4th graders

Posted on Feb 22, 2014

Before working on their own poems, the 4th graders in Wallowa compiled a group poem about their outside-of-school experiences in the last 24 hours. Each line is by a different student, and the class decided to call their poem “Random Memories.”


Random Memories


I remember putting on my small, purple shoes.

I remember I rode my black bike the size of two desks.

I remember a giant brown buffalo.

I remember eating tiny black and white Poptarts.

I remember when the yellow school bus as long as 4 dolphins drove me to school today.

I remember when my cat scratched me and made me bleed.

I remember when I ate a humongous bowl of strawberry ice cream.

I remember a colossal brown, stuffed grizzly bear.

I remember when my white cat that is tiny as a hand ate my cookie.

I remember eating tiny brown pancakes.

I remember when I crashed really bad on my little blue bike.

I remember eating a tiny orange and a strawberry.