Wallowa – Ms. Soares’ 1st graders

Posted on Jan 20, 2014

I was so glad to be able to spend a week with Wallowa’s first graders! At the end of the week, I met them at the Blonde Strawberry for their poetry reading. Some families were able to come and listen, too. The first graders read the poems below, which we worked on together as a group, and they also each read their own “I Wish” poem.




The Mystery of Metal



It is soft and rough.

It is cold and glass.


And black with brown.

Or white with flowers.


It is hard

and it is warm in different places

and cold in other places.


It is maybe to put flowers in.


I think it is a teacup.


I can put gravy or syrup in it.

Or milk.




The Mystery


It is soft



and rubber.


Maybe it’s a heavy toy

or a scale

or a bone.


Is it red?



Is it blue?



Is it pink?



It is gray!






The Mystery Bag


It is soft.

Very soft!


It feels like Smokey the Bear

or like glass.


The mystery is like crocheting.


I think it is blue and colorful.


I think it is brown or gray or black or pink!


It is squishy and round

and medium.





The Pokey Mystery

It is pokey and rough

and smooth on some parts.


It is slippery

and hard.


I think it is white.

It feels weird!


Maybe it is a vase.

Maybe it is a dog toy.


It has pointy parts

and is plastic.


It has a little crack

and a hole.


I feel a tail!






(The mysteries: a miniature brass pitcher, a miniature dumbbell, a ball of yarn, & a plastic dinosaur)