William Stafford Exhibit

William Stafford’s Writings from Summer Fishtrap 1989

In 2014, Summer Fishtrap celebrated the work and ideals of poet William Stafford. Featured in Bailey Lodge was an exhibit documenting Stafford’s visit to Summer Fishtrap 1989. Now you can enjoy the digital version of this display and spend some time learning more about the writing practices of William Stafford.

The exhibit displays Stafford’s notes in four distinct parts:

  • Stafford’s early morning writing  from July 7, 1989 as he travels to Summer Fishtrap, in which he drafts, revises, and completes a poem (pages 1-9)
  • The notes he took at that year’s presentations and panels (pages 10-18)
  • A draft for his own closing remarks (pages 18-20)
  • Three pages of his personal broodings on what it means to be a writer and a writer’s role in society (pages 20-28)

Integrated into this exhibit are photographs that William Stafford took that year, as well as the recording of Stafford’s 1989 closing remarks. You can click on the audio player and simultaneously read his notes while listening to the speech.



Download (PDF, Unknown)


All images and text courtesy of Lewis & Clark College Aubrey Watzek Library Archives and Special Collections. Check out more about the William Stafford Archives here.

Exhibit curated by:
Kim Stafford, Lewis and Clark College
Lauren Sewell, Whitman College Intern

Research: Robert Greene
Original Audio Recording: Henry Kinsley
Digital Conversion: Janis Carper, Fishtrap Media Coordinator

Fishtrap Program Manager: Mike Midlo