Writer in Residence – Sally Parrish – 2014

Posted on May 5, 2014

I was so lucky this winter to be able to work with so many of Wallowa County’s young writers! Twenty-one classrooms welcomed me into their communities as a visiting Writer in the Schools, and I worked to inspire students to think about writing in a new and exciting way. My main goal was to reinforce the notion that writing can be fun. I hoped that when I left students–sometimes after a couple days, sometimes after full weeks spent in their classrooms–they’d be excited enough to continue writing creatively on their own. I also hoped that some of the creative writing skills and approaches they practiced with me would carry over to their more academic writing. Of course, the classroom activities and assignments varied I brought to classes varied widely depending on grade level.


Working with so many age groups certainly kept me on my toes! In Wallowa, I visited Karen Lawrence’s 10th graders, Kelsey Layton’s 6th graders, Jennifer Gibbs’ 5th graders, Kate McLain’s 4th graders, Lisa Lindsay’s 3rd graders, and Marilyn Soares’ 1st graders. At the Alternative School in Enterprise, I worked with Maria Weer’s high schoolers. In Enterprise, I visited Colby Knifong’s 6th graders, Lorri Fischer’s 5th graders, Sue Barstad’s 2nd graders, and Janell Yanke’s 1st graders. And, in Joseph, I visited Jill Hite’s 5th and 3rd graders, Kalah Grover’s 2nd graders, Shilo Blankenship’s 1st graders, and both Alyse Shetler’s and Courtney Lyman’s kindergarteners. Additionally, Cameron Scott (Fishtrap’s 2012 & 2013 Writer in Residence) worked with Megan Smith’s 9th graders and Michell Keffer’s 6th graders in my place when an auto accident kept me away from the county.


See some of the writing Wallowa’s young writers’ produced below. All the posts are tagged with grade level, school, and the teacher’s last name. Use any of these terms in the search box at the right to find specific posts.