Our Place

Wallowa County, Oregon

We all come to this charmed and challenging place because we love the wild—whether it be in a sidewalk crack, or atop a flowered moraine. — Robert Michael Pyle

How do you describe Wallowa County? The mountains, the lakes, the rivers and creeks, the woods and wildlife, the prairies, the community, the history, all come together to form the place we call home. The connection between the spirit and beauty of the land and the work of Fishtrap are deeply connected. Generations of writers have been inspired by the beauty of this place. From the geological history that formed the mountains, moraines, prairies, and lakes that make up so much of the region, to the history of the Nez Perce, to the daily reality of ranching and living on this land, Wallowa County is a place of stories. It is a special place. Some even say a magic place. Visit the links below to learn more about this place we call home.