Writing Our Way Upstream

70% Water. 100% Awesome. Have you ever taken a look back in the direction from where you came? Tried to put your first memories into words? Join Fishtrap’s Cameron Scott for a rocking ride down the rivers of memory in this weeklong writing and digital storytelling workshop. We’ll explore where we’ve been, who we are, and where we’re going, spend some time writing about the river and natural world, and capture it all in magical multi-media pieces. Includes daily generative writing exercises, photography, iStopmotion, and iMovie on iPads. Rock skipping. And stuffed fish. Sink your boredom and start writing your way upstream.  (Ages 10-14)

Cameron Scott

Cameron Scott appears as the persona of an ancient Chinese poet in The Book of Cold Mountain, recipient of the 2016 Blue Light Book Award, an ermine, while guiding clients on flyfishing trips, and something closest to a goose, while teaching. Often playful and silly, he thinks we all have miles to go before we sleep. He has worked for a variety of wonderful organizations including summer camps and literary arts non-profits, and has taught both adult and kid based writing workshops for over fifteen years.

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