Interconnected: The Beautiful Chaos of Story Making

Whether writing fiction or non-fiction that is rooted in research, photographs, documents or testimony the process can quickly grow unwieldy and at times feel like you’re lost amid the clutter of ideas, story particles, voices, images, memories and artistic vision. The good news is it’s all connected! In this workshop, participants will engage in discussions and prose-based writing prompts and techniques, with the aim of developing practical tools for corralling the beautiful chaos, while at the same time pushing ourselves creatively beyond our comfort zones into the realm of the borderless imagination. Some topics will also include methods for research and gathering information, questions of ethics and genre, and practical concerns with craft, such as plot, organization, and character development that typically arise when writing from real life. Although this is a workshop for writers who are working primarily in research-based fiction and non-fiction, there will also be heavy leanings toward hybridity and cross-genre work. This workshop, lead by author Tim Z. Hernandez, who has written award winning books in multiple genres, including poetry, historical fiction, and non-nonfiction, is designed to encourage writers to strengthen, develop, and embolden their approach to story-making.

Tim Z. Hernandez

Tim Z. Hernandez is an award winning writer and performer. He is the recipient of an American Book Award for poetry, the Colorado Book Award for poetry, and the International Latino Book Award for historical fiction. His work has been featured in the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, C-Span/ American History TV, and National Public Radio.

Named one of sixteen New American Poets by the Poetry Society of America, he was a finalist for the inaugural Split This Rock Freedom Plow Award for his research and work on locating the victims of the 1948 plane wreck at Los Gatos Canyon, the incident made famous by Woody Guthrie’s song of the same name. The result of this work is the basis for his newly released book, All They Will Call You Hernandez holds a BA from Naropa University and an MFA from Bennington College. He is currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Texas El Paso’s Bilingual MFA Program in Creative Writing.

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